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Episode 11: Time for Church

Scene 1:

People with SUVs and other gas guzzlers are driving into the parking lot of the Boring Corners Ultrachurch. Sean Coulter’s parents are admiring somebody’s minivan while Sean Coulter is confronted by Assistant Pastor David. David is a hairy man with big shoulders and a fairly big belly. David stares at Sean with fury.

Asst. Pastor David: How dare you dress the way you do! Your long hair and mascara are so sinful!

Sean: (laughs): Chill dude.

Asst. Pastor David: Is that all you have to say?

Sean: It’s not like I even want to be here. The parental units are forcing me to show.

Asst. Pastor David: That is the wrong kind of attitude.

Sean: Dude, I’m a lost soul. Stop obsessing on saving me. (walks away)

Sean sees Rush Dullard in the crowd and walks over to him.

Rush: Hey, Gothman, protector of fun from the evil forces of Christianity.

Sean: Not so loud, dude. Our rents might hear, and we’re not 18 yet.

Rush: (laughs) Oops. How’s it going?

Sean: I talked to Patty Palin. (winks)

Rush: (silly schoolboy crush smile) How’s she doing?

Sean: She thinks you’re cool for accepting me as gay.

Rush: (beaming) She does? Wow.

Nelson Norris walks towards Sean and Rush.

Nelson: Young man. Don’t worry about what that guy says. God doesn’t care about how you dress or what your hair is like.

Sean: Ummmm…OK. Who are you?

Nelson: Nelson Norris. (They shake hands.) I just get tired of people judging people by hair and clothes.

Sean: That’s cool. This is my friend Rush. (more handshaking) Church is starting. I better go hang with the parental ATM machines.

Nelson: (smiles but not sexually) Nice meeting you, young man.

Sean goes over to his parents. His mom notices Nelson and flashes a look of terror on her face.

Scene 2:

Rev. E.Z. Cash is walking out of the church, tired from all his Bible thumping, and sees Dan Dullard with Thelma Dullard.

Rev. E.Z. Cash: How’s the job hunt going?

Dan: (nervous) Nothing yet.

Rev. E.Z. Cash: Well, we have good news for you. We have a job opening up.

Dan: (excited) What is it?

Rev. E.Z. Cash: We need a new church janitor. The last one has gotten a higher paying job at CrudMart.

Dan: I applied for that job. (shrugs)

Rev. E.Z. Cash: Are you interested?

Dan: (not doing a great job of hiding his sadness and disgust) Sure, I need a job. Thank you so much, Reverend.

Thelma: (beaming) Thank you so much, Reverend Cash. You are such an inspiration to us all.

Rush walks towards his Dad.

Rev. E.Z. Cash: Good man, and remember to tithe. Work hard on your new job.

Cash walks away.

Rush: You got a job, Dad?

Dan: (crestfallen) Yes, son.

Rush: What’s wrong?

Dan: I’m going to be the new Boring Corners Megachurch custodian.

Thelma: God respects all honest work. You are a good man, Dan.

Rush’s eyes are laughing, but he says nothing. He walks over to Sean, who is staring at his shoes waiting for his parents to stop gossiping with their friends.

Rush: (giggling) Guess what? Dad’s going to be the new church janitor.

Sean: Don’t laugh too hard. Your family will be living on that salary.

Rush: It’s too funny. I don’t care. Dude, are there any openings at Boring Corners Puters, where you work?

Sean: There is a part time thang, and you are qualified. Dude, I think you are going to get tired of me.

Rush: Awwww…I’ll never get tired of my best friend.

Sean: If you get any mushier, I won’t refer you for the job. (winks)

Rush: (sees something) That creepy Assistant Pastor David is walking this way. Let’s walk home.

Sean: I’m running. Last one at my house has to kiss him, or even worse, listen to him.

Rush: (laughs) No fair dude. You run faster than I do.

(They run off.)


Episode 10: Dumb Man, Smart Girl

Scene 2

Dan Dullard is watching fundamentalist Christian TV and drooling. He is so wrapped up in what he’s watching that the remote drops onto the floor from his fingers. The show is starring Chrystal Peters, a former porn star who saw an image of Jesus in body makeup she spilled in her bathroom sink.

Chrystal: (breathy on TV) I know that times are…hard. But, if you possibly can, please find it in your heart to give to this ministry.

Dan: I wish I could. I really, really do.

The phone rings. Dan stumbles on the remote as he walks to answer.

Dan: (on phone) Hello? … Hi Assistant Pastor David….No, I’m sorry, I don’t have a job yet. I can’t give any money to the church…Please don’t kick my family out…I’ll keep looking for a job….Thanks, bye. (hangs up)

Thelma Dullard struggles her way into the room with a series of dull thuds.

Thelma: Dan, I hear thunder. Please turn the channel over to the weather, dear.

Dan: (groans) All right. This is tornado season. (whispers) Bye for now, Chrystal.

TV: There is a severe thunderstorm warning for Robertson County as a multicell thunderstorm is headed directly towards Boring Corners. There is a chance of dime size hail, and expect strong winds.

Thelma: Darn! I wanted to go grocery shopping.

TV: In other news, the Boring Corners Bank and Trust is the latest victim in a series of robberies by a weird suspect wearing a devil’s mask.

Thelma: He will roast in hell!

Dan looks like a light bulb just went off in his head.

Scene 2:

In the courtyard in front of Boring Corners High, Sean Coulter is walking over to his friend Patty Palin. Patty is a studious girl who is better at math than her teachers. He gets there with a big smile on his face.

Patty: How did it go with Rush?

Sean: He was totally cool with me coming out. He’s known about me since we were kids. I wish he would have told me. (laughs)

Patty: (stunned) Is this Rush you’re talking about? He always seemed a bit slow. No offense.

Sean: (flashes a naughty smile) He’s a smart guy. But…..

Patty: What?

Sean: He’d kill me if I told him.

Patty: Don’t worry. I won’t tell him.

Sean: OK, he only acts dumb around you.

Patty: Why would he act dumb around me?

Sean: It’s not on purpose….His IQ goes down about 60 points when he’s around a girl he’s got a crush on.

Patty: (eyeballs almost pop out) He has a crush on me? Come on. No straight boy in this high school has a crush on me.

Sean: He has a thing for smart girls. If you knew his mother, you’d know why.

Patty: His mother’s smart?

Sean: Nope, she’s dumb as a post.

Patty: (mad) You can’t say that.

Sean: One time, she chewed out an Indian woman with a Sari for wearing a “burpa.”

Patty: (eyes rolling) It’s a burqa, not a “burpa.”

Sean: (smirking) You know that, I know that, Rush knows that…but Rush’s Mom…..

Patty: Wow, she is dumb. Wait, this whole thing is a joke. He isn’t into me.

Sean: Yeah, he is. Sometimes, he gets like a deer in the headlights when he sees you in the library.

Patty: I don’t know what to say.

Sean: Rush is so going to kill me.